• Inlet, Upper Hudson -David Johnson (NY, 1827-1908)

    Inlet, Upper Hudson -David Johnson (NY, 1827-1908)

    David Johnson’s (1827-1908) signature works can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Johnson’s works are usually small in format, tightly painted, delicately handled and richly coloured. Based on copious preliminary drawings and studies of specific trees in their natural environment, his paintings are accurate and inviting representations of Northeastern…

  • Antique Universal Equinoctial Ring Dial

    Antique Universal Equinoctial Ring Dial

    Originally developed in the 17th century by English mathematician William Oughtred, the ring dial was a development of an earlier instrument, the astronomer’s ring, which was used for measuring the altitude of stars and also terrestrial objects. The ring dial is essentially a sundial that does not require alignment and the exact direction of north.…

  • Antique Horological Device

    Antique Horological Device

    Sundial, a horological device that tells the time of day when direct sunlight shines by the position of the Sun in the sky. Manufactured by the Franklin Mint, 1987. L 5 in. W 41/8 in. Contact LeeScully to learn more or enquire about the price & shipping